Liberty - Coin Pictures

Large sized images for Liberty coins. Coin Pix is a coin picture database containing hundreds of different images for circulating coins, commemorative coins issues, gold, silver, and platinum coins.

2013 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Obverse

2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Obverse

1928-S Silver Dollar Obverse

2012 American Gold Eagle Obverse

2012 American Silver Eagle Obverse

1895 Liberty Nickel Obverse

2011 American Gold Eagle

2010 Proof American Gold Eagle

2008-W Burnished Gold Eagle

2010 Gold Eagle Bullion Coin

2010 Proof Silver Eagle

2008 Proof Gold Eagle

2008 Gold Eagle Bullion Coin

2007-W Uncircualted Gold Eagle

2007 Proof Gold Eagle

2006 American Gold Eagle

2004 Proof Gold Eagle

2009 Proof American Silver Eagle

2009 American Silver Eagle

2008 American Silver Eagle